Video: Afro-Brazilian students are protesting against racism in São Paulo Brazil

Young Afro-Brazilians are increasingly protesting in an Occupy movement-style against racism in their country. New protest are targeted at private-public spaces, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and fashion shows.

A week ago, on February 11, members (black and white) of Anti-racism organisations protested in the exclusive shopping mall Higienopolis in Sao Paulo (see video).

And recently there were several student protests against the lack of black models on fashion shows and against the discrimination of a black boy from Spain who was thrown out a Pizzeria because of his colour.

The coordinator of the Black Consciousness group at the University of São Paulo (USP), Haydee Fiorino, says that for women the burden of discrimination is even greater. "Black women are always doing subordinate work. Or they are seen as the wife of the carnival, the lecherous mulatto, who only gains visibility in the carnival and then goes back to his place, sweeping the floor, "she added. Read more at

Check out the promo of the Higienopolis shopping mall in São Paulo.

About racism in Brazil, Brazilian journalist, scholar and activist Daniela Gomes says in an interview. “Our State is still anti-black but nobody does anything, our people are still living in poverty, but people prefer to see it as a social issue. When we talk about affirmative action like racial quotas, they get upset as if we were trying to take something from them, so it is really hard to talk about racism in Brazil, especially in an Afro American conception. But I can’t deny that we have had some wins in these past few years.” See her Portuguese/English blog at

I hope the students will be able to make a difference, but it's clear it's going to be long fight.


  1. Once upon a time a person was known by heritage, who his/her forefathers were, not their color. Now the only thing that matters is color.
    If a person believes in the Bible, Genesis makes all of us African, thus Black to a high degree. How do people claim they are Christian, but follow nothing but prejudice?

  2. This is so horribly sad..I just don't understand why would anyone choose to live their lives as racist monsters, working evil and hate against nice people only because of their color? God made us this way and loves us all. Where is the love & equality?

  3. Love this video it makes me feel proud to see Black Brazilians finally have some fight in them. I can see one of my idols abdias do nascimento smiling down from heaven

  4. Naphtali & surroundedbylove, they are just afraid for their money, their real estate and the future careers of their children. They are afraid things will change if black people go to college, the racism is just a way to keep the status quo. But those black young students are part of a new dawn in the black community, and they know it.

    Chico Rei, I’ ve never heard of Abdias do Nascimento. Have learned something new!

  5. It doesnt matter what part of the world black ppl are its always this bs against black ppl they rather see black ppl live in proverty, a thug anything negative it just shows that they fear black ppl doing anything postive or powerful

  6. The Hard Facts Are that All Black Brazilians Are Descendents from Africa Which In Brazil There Are More Blacks They're Than There Are in America. Many Slaves were Dropped In The South America's For The Export Of Cocoa and Bananas Etc First Before Arriving In The U.S. The Population Of Blacks in Brazil Have Been Kept in Absurd Poverty, The Powers That Be Today are Selfish and Playing They're Part That They See as The American Way Of Keeping Black Folks In Squalor. Brazil Is Very Nasty when It Comes To Disrespecting Africans. When Ever You See a Bunch Of Kids And If They are From Brazil Be Them Tourist Or Family Etc Watch and Look at Them to See if They Are Black. Highly Doubtful You'll See any Black Kids Or Families. For a Country Were Blacks Are The Majority You Just Know Like Here in The States Something ain't Right.Brazil Ghettos are Angry Just Like American Ghettos.I would Like To See Black Brazil Rise Up and Let The world Know Your There.

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