"Troféu Raça Negra" - The "Oscar" of Afro-Brazil

Photo: Poet and journalist Elise lucinda, award winner in 2010
The 'Troféu Raça Negra', or translated 'The Black Race Trophy', is a prestigious anual awards ceremony of the black community of Brazil. The trophy is also known as "Oscar" of the black community. The event celebrated its ninth edition on November 13 2011 in São Paulo.

In the ninth edition, the event honored a black icon of Brazilian music, the singer Jair Rodrigues and also highlighted the International Year for People of African Descent.

The categories are best actress, actor and best male and female journalist.

Winners 2011
Lucy Ramos - Best actress
Micael Borges - Best actor
Dulcinéia Novaes (Globe) - Best female journalist
Hiago Oliveira (Gazeta) - Best male journalist

Among those honored by Afrobras in the institutional category were, the vice president, Michel Temer, the ministers of the Supreme Court, Carlos Ayres Brito, Ana de Hollanda, Culture, the ministry of Health, Alexandre Padilha, the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin.

The awards ceremony is sponsered by Afrobras

A video of Afrobras

A video of the awards ceremony 2011

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