Afro-European Artists and Filmmakers

Photo: Jeannette Ehlers

Visual Artists


Groups & Projects
  • Association for Black Art_ists e.V. (ASBA) - ASBA works on projects to support emerging Black artists and archivists in Europe (DE)
  • BE.BOP. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS -  A decolonial transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary curatorial initiative based in Berlin that began in 2012 (DE)
  • Black Archive & Collection - The Black Archive & Collection houses an extensive number of letters and reviews, posters and invites from exhibitions and events from the Black Diaspora spanning the 1980s + 1990’s to the present day (UK)
  • Black Art of Brussels - "Black Art in Brussels" is under permanent construction by design, as it keeps close tabs on developments in the black art scene in Brussels (BE)
  • Black British Art - Celebrating excellence in the visual representation & art of the African diaspora in Britain
  • Black British artists - Wikipedia page (UK)
  • Black British Female Artist (BBFA) Collective - Collective of Black British Female Artists. Letting the world know we're here! (UK)
  • Blk Art Group  - Art group (UK)
  • BIFS - creates the platforms and resources needed to empower the work of Black and Brown artists in Italy (IT)
  • Diaspora Pavilion - The projects aim to challenge the under-representation of artists and curators from diverse backgrounds in the visual arts (UK)
  • Full Color Entertainment - Dutch film distribution company and platform for Black filmmakers (NL)
  • SAVVY Contemporary - German art lab (DE) 
  • The Otolith Collective - An exploration between visual culture and exhibiting in contemporary art (UK)
  • The State of L3 - Amsterdam based international art collective (NL)
  • Thin Black Line(s) - One of the exhibitions which marked the arrival on the British art scene of a radical generation of young Black and Asian women artists (UK).
  • Thick/er Black Lines - Thick/er Black Lines presents We Apologise For The Delay To Your Journey – a map identifying and connecting Black British women/femme artists and cultural workers
  • Wakaman  - Art project  (NL)
  • Well Made Productions  - A production company that gives the bi-cultural perspective a leading role with theater and film (NL)

Film & Photography

  • The Little Book of Big Visions: How to be an Artist and Revolutionize the World, edited by Sandrine Micossé-Aikins and Sharon Dodua Otoo, discusses the current situation of Black artists in Germany and presents their visions for equality in text and image form.

Update 2023

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