UK Survey: Skin Tone, Black Identity and Self Esteem

Please choose the skin colour that you would perfer to have.

What's the relationship between skin tone, black identity and self esteem? That's the question a UK research program aims to explore. People who live in the UK and are black or mixed race can take the survey at

The survey is conducted by Akaysha Browne who is principal investigator at the Brunel University (UK).

The main aim of this study is to examine whether or not there is a relationship between one’s level of black identity, skin tone and self esteem. This study also looked at whether perceived ethnic discrimination has an influence on the way in which individuals perceive skin tone and their personal satisfaction with their own skin tone. The study also aimed to look at whether there was a gender or an age difference in the perception and satisfaction of differing skin tones in Britain.

The survey referred to some other studies on this topic:

Black Beauty: Skin Colour and body images among African American college women (1992)

Perceptions of and preferences for skin Color, Black racial identity, and self esteem among African Americans

The blacker the berry: Gender, skin tone, self esteem and self-efficacy.

Very thought provoking questionnaire. Here are some of the questions and my answers:

It is important for Black people to surround their children with Black art, music and literature.
Of course.

Because Britain is predominately white, it is important that Blacks go to White schools so that they can gain experience interacting with Whites.
I think that mixed schools are better. Having black teachers on a school is also very important.

Please choose the colour that most resembles your actual facial skin colour. It depents of the time of the year.

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