Lura will perform at Jazz Touraine 2010 on September 17 (France)

Portuguese singer Lura will perform at French Festival Jazz Touraine 2010 on September 17

Lura, born Maria de Lurdes Assunção Pina (1975) is a singer and musician. Born in Portugal to Cape-Verdean parents, she considers herself as a Cape-Verdean.

Lura stands at the crossroads of Portuguese and Cape Verdean culture. Growing up in the Creole quarter of Lisbon, Lura was surrounded by beats from the leeward and windward islands, as well as Portugal’s pop, jazz, African music and American soul.

The song "Quebrod Nem Djosa" from the album Eclipse.

Yet she also felt intensely drawn to the African archipelago that her parents had been forced to leave, and determined to reclaim for herself. Today, all these influences are to be found on Eclipse. The album expresses love, joy and sometimes sadness. Its thirteen new tracks display incredible energy as well as Lura’s burgeoning songwriting skills. (Source 4Q)

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