Black Community Northern Ireland promotes positive images of Africa

The Afro-Community Support Organisation of Northern Ireland (ACSONI) has celebrated the launch of its European Commission funded project, 'Images and Messages of Africa from an African Perspective'.

This programme is a joint initiative between the Africa Centre, Slovenia and the Africa Centre in Dublin. It is aimed at building the capacity of Africans and raising awareness of issues fuelling the migration of Africans to Europe and recognises that Northern Ireland also faces the challenges of an emerging intercultural society, there are pockets of the population which struggle with accepting people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Afro-Community is one of the largest Minority Ethnic Communities in Northern Ireland (1,126 people, 2001 Census, that today is estimated in excess of 6,000) while information on the life and experiences of African, Caribbean and other Afro-descendants in Northern Ireland is virtually non-existent. (Source:

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  1. This positive images of Africa will make the world to look at them....

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