Black in Belfast and the book "Where Are You Really From?"

The book Where Are You Really From? is a compelling story of a black mixed race man who grew up in Belfast Northern Ireland.

It´s the fascinating and powerful memoir about oneman’s struggle to establish his own identity and a moving tribute to the woman who risked everything to keep her son.

Tim Brannigan was born in 1966. He grew up in a white Catholic family on the Falls Road, all the time believing he was adopted.

Tim was actually the result of an extra-marital affair between his mum, Peggy, and a black junior doctor from West Africa. To avoid scandal, Peggy told her family the baby was stillborn. Tim was then hidden in a baby home for almost a year before his mum ‘adopted’ him.

Tim learned the remarkable truth of his mother’s true identity when his mum revealed the shocking truth on the day of the Live Aid concert in 1985.

Where Are You Really From? is a moving account of racial prejudice, sectarian tensions and family secrets. It also recounts his exceptional relationship with his mother and his attempts to trace the father who abandoned him. (Source: Blackstaff Press.)

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