New Miss France wants to speak openly about race?

It's old news but Chloe Mortaud is the new Miss France 2009. Mortaud is not the first non-white winner of the miss event, but she want to join the French public figures who want to speak openly about race. Is this the 'Obama effect'?

Patrick Lozes, founder of the Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires (CRAN), sees Mourtad as a sign that French is changing. So who am I to believe that Mortaud's remarks are just another way to say 'world peace'. But it's clear that if you are black in France, staying race neutral in this periode is old fashion. So maybe this is the Obama effect.

Mortaud is the daughter of a Black American mother (who emigrated from Mississippi to France 25 years ago) and a White French father. Ms. Mortaud is a business student and the first Miss France to hold dual citizenship, American and French

New Miss France wants to advertise nation’s diversity
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