Sarkozy drops France’s only black minister Rama Yade

In May 2007, at the tender of age of thirty, Rama Yada was appointed Secretary of State for Human Rights. But now Yada has fallen from grace with French president Sarkozy. The now thirty-one year old human rights minister faces a humiliating exit in a reshuffle, with the president expressing "deep disappointment" with his former protégée.

But the appointed of Rama Yada was a strange move in the first place. Putting a inexperienced young black woman in a team of political veteran’s has nothing to do with change. It had to do with the French riots.

Last year Sarkozy dubbed Rama Yade "France's Condoleezza Rice". But he was obvious just looking at the color of her skin and not at the content of character, nor her competence.

But to call her “token” black person would be wrong. After the Obama victory she expressed her grief about the white political structure in France.

I hope to see more experienced black people like Condi Rice in the European governments. Or else it will be just a matter of time before the first twenty-six year old, self acclaimed “Afro”-Kazakhstanis will the be first black Secretary of Immigration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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