African-American student stabbed in Russia. A boycott?

An African-American exchange student has been stabbed by unknown assailants in a southern Russian city in an attack officials say may have been racially motivated. Time for a boycott?

The strange part is that the mother of the victim didn't knew anything about Russia's racial crimes. I wonder if the student exchange organisation, the American Field Service, alerted the student for Russia.

The American Field Service had to know that ex-Sovjet Union countries have huge problems with racial crimes . For East Germany a German official warned black Soccer World Cup visitors to avoid rural towns and villages outside Berlin, in the formerly communist eastern part of the country. And in Poland a Dutch rapper stabbed three Polish visitors in a disco because they made racist remarks.

Maybe it's about time black artists boycott those Neo-Nazi regions in Europe. It reminds of a Israeli politician who, during a visit in Germany, bluntly asked the German Jewish community: "What are you doing here?"

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