Moving towards the end of Afro-Europe Blog

After more than 4 year of blogging it's time to stop. But the blog will of course be available and I will keep moderating the blog until it's no longer needed, so the blog will stay open for comments.

I’ve actually stopped blogging since February, but I didn't wrote a proper goodbye. So I will end Afro-Europe with a series of postings of material I have promised others and myself I would blog about. The final posting will be a surprise.

But before I stop I want to thank co-blogger Sibo for his great posts. And I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this blog with their articles, their mailings and with their invaluable comments. To name a few, Chico Chico-Rei, who also wrote some great articles for the blog, and the regular commentators John, Azizi Powell, Sanza, negroamore4u, BlkViking, Truth2011 and Danielle Gomez. Also thanks to the many others who contributed anonymously. I also would like thank the digital team of Ebony Magazine for featuring this blog on their main page for two weeks and also our friends of the great film blog Shadow and Act, who linked our posts so many times and supplied us with tons of new visitors. And also the online magazine Dominion of New York and the many websites, blogs, Facebook and Tumbler pages who have cross-posted or linked our postings.  

Looking back at my posting ‘The break: Blogging Black from the Netherlands and how I became an Afro-European’ of more than two years ago,  the only thing I can add is that blogging gave me the unique opportunity to have deep conversations with people from all the world. Conversations about what is like to black in an other country and about so many other interesting topics. These conversations changed my perspective and gave me a deeper understanding of the differences and similarities between black communities. These conversations also gave me broader understanding of my life as a black person in The Netherlands.     

Since I am a social media junk, I won’t stop reading blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. So just the blogging will stop, not the journey.  But for now, it's not the end yet.


  1. This is some of the saddest news I've heard so far this Memorial Day (a national holiday here in the United States).Afro-Europe International Blog has become a true passion for me; it has broadened my world vision and inspired me in ways I never imagined! WOW!

    Well anyway, Erik, THANKS for the opportunity you've given us! If you are a Facebook follower feel free to send me a message there (John Stephens-San Francisco) or via email anytime! Daniela Gomes is also on Facebook and constantly enlightens and inspires us on Afro-Brazilian happenings. This is NOT the end. We WILL meet again, somewhere, in one of the "spaces"-----cyber or otherwise! Much Peace,

  2. Hi John, thanks! I will send you a mail.

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and will be sad to see its end.
    I have found Afro-Europe enlightening and entertaining.
    Many times I have found out about events that were happening in my own city, which were not well publicised here.
    I just want to say thank you for the education and wish you all the best in whatever you decide to next.

    1. Holly thank you very much for the comment! Very much appreciated!

  4. Oh no! The end of Afro-Europe blog?? This is sad news. This has been one of the most enlightenings websites on the Internet. I have discovered information about black people worldwide that I had no idea about previously. Thanks for opening my eyes to the bigger wide world that black people occupy.

    1. Raal, also thanks! The information also opened my eyes.

  5. I was doing some research on Spain and this blog appeared. I have been reading through commenst the past 2 hours and I find it very informational. I'm sorry I am late to this blog.

  6. Anonymous, thanks for the comment! Better late than never. :)

  7. Just know that this blogger from Spain is very sad about this. I was already afraid of this happening when you stopped blogging months ago. I would stop by everyday, as I got the habit to do so, and see no new posts. I was scared this would happen. But anyway, you inspired me for my blog 'Blackstoriesfromspain' and you will continue to inspire most of us. You did a really great job. I remember when I found this blog last year, I fell over a post about black children in Russia that made me feel angry and enraged. Since that moment I have been a great fan, and I'm sure I would keep on consulting your very informative blog.

    But wait, I understand that it might demand so much time from you to keep this running, but may this blog be really international, you might find contributors from the whole world and make it a really Diaspora blog! I will proudly contribute from Spain or wherever I end up living in future.

    I don't know, I'm just very sad that this is not going to continue showing me a new world anymore...

    Have a thought about it and let me know if you need help to continue this.
    Goodluck anyway!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Blackstoriesfromspain!
      I think a Diaspora blog is a great idea, perhaps in the future.

      As for your contribution from Spain, I will let more people get to know your blog, I've linked your site on the high traffic page of Afro-Europe, Black people in Spain.

      But thanks again, if you want information please don't hesitate to mail me at

  8. I am saddened by the fact that I have just found this blog,only to know it is no longer .Thank you for your time and efforts.

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