Something you should do… visit Paris (on the cheap)

Photo: The Cultural Expose
The holidays are coming up in Europe. If you have plans of visiting Paris and you want do it cheap, this story on The Cultural Exposé can be your guide. UK writer Ena Miller writes about  how she enjoyed a quick trip to Paris on a tight budget.

"London to Paris, Paris to London. All for £69 with Eurostar.

 A casual Skype chat turned into booking-a-holiday-chat. I was delighted, but fearful. With little cash, could I still have a decent holiday in expensive Paris?

 I relied on Travelzoo’s weekly top twenty email to find me a hotel deal. As much as we wanted cheap, we didn’t want scummy. When Hotel Gat Folies popped up, I was relieved.  It was in a cool area called Opera, way less than half its usual price, far enough from the tourist traps, but close enough to still feel involved."

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