Black in Czech - TV News presenter Zuzana Tvarůžková

Photo by Alexandr Dobrovodský from Reflex

 Zuzana Tvarůžková, a TV News Presenter of the Czech Television, made a report (video below) about her home town Litvinov. In the report she talks about what is was like growing up there, in a time her presents was not considered a common phenomenon.

It’s all in Czech, but you can understand most of it just by watching it.

In an interview she talks about her background. "I was raised my mother a Czech and a father who is also a Czech, my biological father is from Cuba, and I know him. It's a little secret chamber of our family, "says Zuzana . "He worked in northern Bohemia, in Litvinov, were he studied chemical engineering. He lived in a fairly large Cuban community, "she adds, but the whole thing is still a very sensitive issue for her parents.

But children can be cruel. "I was lucky that I had many friends who largely protected me from unpleasant attacks. My fellow students who were Roma were definitely worse of than me, "says Susan Tvarůžková. But she has lost two of her childhood best friends because of the way she looks. In an argument one called her father a nigger and the other one said she was adopted.

About her musical roots she says. "I sang, I had a different voice than all the other children in the choir, I'm addicted to music. My boyfriend makes fun of me, he has never seen anyone like me who does not need the slightest excuse to dance. Dancing in the supermarket and metro, "says Susan, adding with a laugh:" Girls always said at the disco: it's senseless to dance next to her? "


  1. Wonderful blog, keep up the work. The Black presence in Czech and the other countries you profile weren't even in my imagination.

  2. Europe was formerly the land of Black Canaanite we were the kings and queens but unfortunately History has been whitewashed after our Holocaust

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  4. Nice,
    I am coming over for a visit with my two kids and their mum, I am black,my wife a Swedish, so that makes my kids half black. I've been a bit concern of coming for a visit.
    Kindly let me know if this is a wrong decision to travel to Prag as a Black person.

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