Reviews documentary "Marley" & New clips

The documentary "Marley" will be released in Europe in May (in the US in April), but the film has already been screened at Berlin's International Film Festival and two weeks ago in the US.

According to the Telegraph the film traces Marley's well-documented journey from a boy born in a small village in Jamaica to a music superstar who brought reggae and the Rastafari movement to a global audience.

The film explores how Marley, who died of cancer in 1981 aged 36, was troubled by his mixed-race heritage, which was the source of bullying when he was a child. It also looks at how his many affairs and children out of wedlock took its toll on wife Rita and their daughter Cedella.

Key interviewees include Bunny Wailer, a surviving founding member of Marley's band the Wailers. Afterwards the narrative is taken up by Neville Garrick, the Wailers' artistic director.

Garrick recalled Marley's frustration at the toll his illness took towards the end.

"He had a stroke on one side so he couldn't play his guitar anymore and I think that kind of frustrated him," he said.

"Besides, he lost his locks, that all came with the chemotherapy. But being not able to function 100 percent, I think that really hurt him.

"I don't know, maybe he said, like, you know, Jah Rastafari God, what did I do, why are you making me suffer like this? All I did was serve you."

Shadow and Act wrote about the film. "Marley bills itself as the definitive Bob Marley documentary. It has reached that status.

An examination into the life of Reggae superstar Robert Nesta Marley, Marley is a beautiful combination of lush Jamaican landscape with archived footage, still shots and interviews of the people closest to him. The music is more than a soundtrack as the impetus for Bob writing each song becomes clear with the timeline of his life."

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One Love in Uganda. On a crowded basketball court, in the middle of a field in Gulu, Tharce-Gulu's Filmmaking students surprise fellow locals with their rendition of "One Love".