Racism on the rise in Europe - News roundup

It’s evident that racism is on the rise in Europe. A German court allowed racial profiling by the police. The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) reports about the increase of racism in Europe due to the economic downturn. And last but not least, as a response to the UK riot report 2012 UK activist Lee Jasper just published his response "The fire next time". Check the stories.

German court: skin colour good reason for cop ID check

27 Mar 2012 - German police have been told they can continue to single out black train passengers on the basis of their colour to check their paper, prompting allegations of institutionalised racism.

"If this is true, it is essentially illegal," Tahir Della of the Initiative of Black People in Germany (ISD) told The Local. "The authorities have always said the police do not do racial profiling."

"Non-white people already get a disproportionate amount of hassle from the police, if this is now being officially sanctioned, then it will open the floodgates," he added. "I am of course very shocked by this. It is basically racism." 

Black German victim slams court's racial spot-check ruling

28 Mar 2012 - The young black German whose refusal to show police his ID led to a court ruling that cops could use skin colour as a criteria for spot-checks, says he will fight the case all the way.

Speaking to The Local, the 25-year-old student said he was disappointed by the verdict which has provoked a storm of outrage. One human rights lawyer called for the judge to be dismissed, while his own lawyer says he will take the case to the Constitutional Court if necessary.

“I don’t want to believe it – that my country now supports this, it is terrible,” the student said.

 Racism and discrimination still pervasive across Europe against backdrop of economic downturn (PDF)

Brussels, 21 March 2012 – At a time of economic crisis, migrants and ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by unemployment and precarious working conditions. Economic downturn also creates fears among the general public that incite racist behaviour, while it has led to financial cuts to anti-racism activities in many countries. These are some of the conclusions of ENAR’s Shadow Report on racism in Europe 2010-2011, released on International Day Against Racism.

UK Riot Report 2012: The fire next time...

30 Mar 2012 - The report into the causes of the August 2011 disturbances by the Riots Communities and Victims Panel has been published. The report like most of its kind tells us what some of us already knew about the reality of life in some inner-city areas. Racism and the deadening effects of economic exclusion have degraded the quality of life in these areas. The consequences are that whole communities have been left to rot in festering islands of inequality characterized by crime and acute social strains.


  1. Okay, Erik, we are all aware of the situation in Germany and England. But what about France and its racist presidential campaign? Or Italy and its attacks on immigrants? The right wing in Russia? And what's new in Netherlands? Yes, racism continues unabated, and our struggle must continue. But we need greater Europe-wide organization, and that begins with information sharing.
    Take care,
    Gyavira Lasana

    1. Hi Gyavira, there is already a European organisation, the European Network Against Racism, http://www.enar-eu.org.

      I don’t know how effective they are, because mayor French organisations such as les Indivisibles and the CRAN are not formally connected to them. I know that ENAR is looking for French translators (volunteers) for their Web magazine, so apparently they are feeling the pain.

      Yes information sharing is important. But you and I both know how hard is for people to work together, even at that most basic level. :)

      But keep me informed about your projects!

      Take care,

    2. they are just defending their countrys against the forgin hored of illegals in europe if the tables were turnd dont you think blacks would do the same if this was happining in africa and the illegals were white?

    3. The 1724 Christian Black Codes are in full force everywhere on the planet. This is not exclusive to Germany or France, or UK, or US. This is something much deeper than racism. It is highly organized. The "terry stop" is how the police/agent kidnap the African people. The corporate fiction then bring our people into their colorable and de facto pseudo courtrooms after which our people are marked as deviant many times having committed no crime whatsoever and then we are systemically subtracted from society, 1 by 1. No this would not be the case if they were white illegals. For example, in the US, Latinos, specifically those that are classified as White who are found to be in the country illegally are given asylum, they are not harassed. See Elian Gonzalez vs Reno US 11th circuit court. More recently, a Cuban footballer defected when his team played a tournament in the US. Case in point, this is about the attack on Africans and their descendants where ever they are in the world. No one else is victim to this non-sense.


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