FRANCE: Killer Driven by Hatred of Ethnic Minorities At Large

Yesterday 3 children and one teacher were killed in a Jewish school in southern France. A 17 year old was severely injured during the attack. The gunman could get away but has been linked to the shooting dead of 3 French soldiers, last week. The same gun and stolen motorcycle were used by the murderer.

Yesterday’s shooting follows the killing of 3 soldiers who all were of African Maghrebin origin. A fourth paratrooper was seriously injured during the attack. He is black and pf French Caribbean origin.

President Nicolas Sarkozy described the school shooting as a national tragedy and expressed his fears that the killer is driven by hatred of ethnic minorities.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 21st of March it’s the International Day Against Racism …


  1. Nicolas Sarkozy the new hitler of this generation research him youtube him and you be the judge

  2. This piece was rather premature, unfortunately. The man was not a white supremacist after all, but an islamist frenchman of algerian background. Regardless, mass murder is the same appalling crime regardless of the perpetrator's origins. RIP to all victims.

  3. This article doesn't mention anything about white supremacists. Maybe the subtext does. The suspect is indeed a Frenchman of Algerian origin. However his actions seem to be motivated by hate and racism, Jews are indeed a minority too. The origin or race of the murderer do not matter, he seemed to have targeted a certain kind of people (and he may have targeted black and muslim military as he considered them 'collaborators'). However, I mostly think this man has some major psychological issues. It's just terribly sad.
    And a quick search on the internet shows there is a lot of confusion about his past and person. To be continued ..

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