Video: Bi-racial Children in Ukraine - The adoption issue

The documentary "Family Portrait in Black & White" about black/bi-racial orphans in the Ukraine triggered many responses on Facebook, blogs and websites.

Many people felt the Ukrainian foster mother should give these children up for adoption instead of keeping them in a post soviet racist environment. In a new video about the documentary (of doctalk) director Julia Invanova talks about this adoption issue.

The documentary is the story of Olga Nenya, a foster mother to sixteen black orphans in the Ukraine – where 99.9% of the population is white and where race does matter. Forced to constantly defend themselves from racist neighbors and skinheads, these children have to be on guard against the world that surrounds them.

I wonder if the Ukrainian foster mother has the legal right to put these children up for adoption. It seems that normally a foster parent doesn't have legal custody of the children; a welfare agency or a body of guardianship holds those rights.

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  1. What is the reaction to Africans or African Americans (full blooded and not mixed race black people) in the Ukraine. Wow..I was so ignorant to this but then again it doesn't surprise me that there are people who would say the hurtful things that they do. I know it is not a reflection of the entire Ukraine. It makes me angry though that these young beautiful souls have to face such ignorance. But, it will make them stronger. I appreciate you sharing. xo

  2. Why the racism?? This is crazy..its as if no matter how remote and homogenous a country or group of "civilians" are racism finds its way into the room

  3. I met wonderful people from Ukraine, with a great level of tolerance and respect towards Africans. However there is a minority in the country with opposite view and even though they are a small percentage, they are more vocal and have been expanding their appalling views on race.

  4. those are her CHILDREN - why should she give them up - they will learn RACISM is there just as it is everywhere else. nothing new under the sun

  5. Black countries for Blacks. We all supposedly come from Africa, but White people are told to leave because they don't belong there.

    Asian countries for Asians. Asian countries are the most homogeneous in the world.

    White countries for everyone or you are racist!

    Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.

  6. This isn't nearly as bad as the racist farm murders in Zimbabwe and South Africa committed against whites by blacks.

  7. This whole site refuses to actually look at the hate crimes against whites.It only shows racist shit towards blacks acting as if they're the only race being targeted.

    South Africa & Zimbabwe are the most dangerous places for whites to be.

  8. Just like Ukrainian and Russians may look the same it does not make them the same kind of people.
    Same goes for coloured skin people.
    A Jamaican is.not the same people as a Zimbabwe
    Racists only see Black or White.
    As a Jamaican that served as a paratrooper in the British Army for 12 years in the 1970/80
    I know how it felt to be a soldier of colour in a mainly white Regiment.
    But I also know what it feels like to be accepted where colour had no colour.
    Would consider adopting one or two of these children while Ukraine finds it's feet.

  9. Unfortunately, the fate of orphans in Ukraine is very difficult. There is no enough state funding and orphanages are happy to get any help. You can also help - just go on the link

  10. God have mercy on every colour of the skin 🙏

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