"UK and London riots: Let’s hear the voice of the youth," says Lola Adesioye

CNN interview: Social commentator Lola Adesioye says a widening gap between haves and have-nots spawned the UK riots.

Writer-activist Lola Adesioye was born and raised in South London. On her blog she writes." Watching what has been taking place over the past week got my blood boiling in a way that I was even surprised by…I’m more upset because I think that what’s happened was predictable and obvious to anyone who would take the time to look.

That the politicians and even some people living in the country didn’t see it shows just how out of touch they are with what’s going on under their noses. What leadership can a leader provide when he is out of touch with ALL of his constituents?


To start off, here’s a video that is very telling. Rarely during this whole sorry mess has anyone heard from the young people even though it seemed to be mostly young people and/or young adults involved in the violence.

The attitude seems to be that they don’t have anything intelligent to say, or anything that’s worth listening to. It’s that snobbish attitude that is also partly what created this mess in the first place – when people are not heard, they will act out. In any case, they are the ones that we most need to hear from.

This video below was filmed two weeks before the riots…. The kids predicted this would happen."

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