Video: Sergio Alcover - Spanish singer and Hip Hop dancer

Sergio Alcover is the most prominent black dance and music artist in Spain. Born in Valencia, to a Guinean father and a Spanish mother, Alcover is the face of Hip Hop dance in Spain.

In 1994 he began his career as a breakdancer. And in 2009 he released his first DVD with a breakdance masterclass, tutorials and interviews.

In 2010 he released his second album “Sergio Alcover”. The album quickly gained popularity because of a very popular Spanish television show where he teaches street dance.


  1. i was expecting him to dance in the video but never mind. his voice is good.

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  2. Finally! Some GOOD NEWS about Afrodescendants in Spain! I only found this wonderful site a couple of weeks and I'm trying to catch up on all this unique info. Thanks, Afro Europe!


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