Skin bleaching in Jamaica - An unstoppable social virus

Skin colour is typical social hang-up in black communities. But just when think time heals all wounds, things get worse. In the slums of Jamaica skin bleaching is a growing crisis, reported Repeating Islands

"Mikeisha Simpson covers her body in greasy white cream and bundles up in a track suit to avoid the fierce sun of her native Jamaica, but she’s not worried about skin cancer.

The 23-year-old resident of a Kingston ghetto hopes to transform her dark complexion to a cafe-au-lait-color common among Jamaica’s elite and favored by many men in her neighborhood. She believes a fairer skin could be her ticket to a better life. So she spends her meager savings on cheap black-market concoctions that promise to lighten her pigment."

In a new TV-show of Emprezz Mullings the problem of bleaching is discussed. Check out the video below.


  1. There is a slogan that i love very much here in the USA. It says My Black Is Beautiful! I wish ALL BLACK PEOPLE would love the skin they are in. Because OUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! We need to stop giving others power over how we feel about ourselves.

  2. You're absolutely right, Kevin. There's nothing more beautiful than to be natural. If you set aside other people's criticism, you can certainly feel beautiful in your own skin. The key to being beautiful and staying that way is to believe in yourself. That's it. =)

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