Les Nubians releases New Album "Nu Revolution"

The Grammy nominated Les Nubians, consisting of Paris-born sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart, released their third album, "Nü Revolution" on April 19th 2011.

The 14 track album will feature special guest appearances by Manu Dibango, Eric Roberson, Freshly Ground, Blitz the Ambassador and John Banzaï. According to Hélène, "The main difference between this album and the others is that Nü Revolution is more uptempo. This album is a celebration of life! 

We wanted to bring and spread this energy, this joy in a time of uncertainty."

Les Nubians - Afrodance

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  1. the afro-dance song, sounds like they are trying to remember who they are (why call yourself's Les Nubians???) don't you have a mirror??? stop trying to get folks to accept you, just be you; nice beat, though; it is good to be aware of racisim and so on, you ladies are young and up and coming (Still) -- stop apologizing

  2. Whoever left that comment is an idiot. You think this song is some sort of apology? It's anything but that!

  3. crillmatic i agree with you. Clearly that person has no idea what the song is about.


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