La Batunoza ‘Xica da Silva’: The best independent hip hop release of 2011

Time for me to tell you something about the most recent musical revelation from Belgium: ‘Xica da Silva’ from La Batunoza. This project is a collaboration between MC Le Tagarel a.k.a. La Batucada, vocalist Ismael and Brussels hip hop producer Noza. Together they released their best work ever, and it stands tall among worldwide hip hop productions.

La Batunoza is hip hop defying borders. It’s hip hop the way Manu Chao might have made hip hop. It’s music crossing cultures and languages. It’s music for the world.

‘Xica da Silva’ is a 5 track EP. You can listen to it on their bandcamp and share it. Soon you’ll be able to buy their music on iTunes and their will be a limited CD and vinyl release. But as for now you can check their first video for La Macumba.

Le Tagarel has been rhyming for years, first as part of La Mezcla, than solo releasing two albums: ‘Funky Bordel Musical’ and ‘Saudade’. On Saudade he made his first musical flirtation with his roots: Brazil.

‘Xica da Silva’ goes even further in the fusion of AfroBrazilian music with hip hop. Introducing music producer Noza to the world of samba, batucadas and afrobrazilian vibes, made this latest production fresh and innovative. While the fusion of French and Portuguese lyrics contributes to the global flavor of the tracks and releases very positive energy. They will be playing live on several places in Belgium this summer, but I really think they will playing abroad soon.

Check their first single and video: La Macumba