Romelu Lukaku: Belgium’s 17 year old Football Star

Lukaku is just 17 years old and is the most popular football player in Belgium. He was born and raised in Belgium. He is still very young but started a professional career last year when he was only 16 years old. Still, the boy keeps his head cool and reacts in a very adult way to the whole media hype that surrounded him since last year. A documentary about his school was screened last year on Belgian national TV. It is a must see.

Lukaku is very popular. He is not only a good player. He is also handsome, well educated, soft spoken and perfectly bi-lingual (Dutch-French). National TV loves him and decided to make a documentary series about his high school, interviewing his class mates and recording daily life at a Flemish Brussels school. The school’s pupils represent more than 60 nationalities. The language in class is Dutch, but during entertainment and free time most like to speak French, while at home they often speak another language (Arabic, Lingala, Swahili, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Serbian, Berber … you name it).

The documentary is of top quality . While it doesn’t try to create a fairy tale image of multicultural schools in Belgium, it doesn’t do the opposite either and doesn’t draw a pessimistic image of the urban multicultural reality. The documentary shows the problems and issues, but also draws attention to the beauty of it all. Our world is changing and these kids represent the future generations of Europe.

Below I post the trailer video. Of course, it is in Dutch but I will soon post these video’s with English subtitles. Meanwhile just check the images and sounds. Oh, and there is also this commercial for Bueno featuring him.