The Black European Summit of 2009. A Transatlantic Dialogue.

While interviewing Wouter Van Bellingen, a black Flemish politician here in Belgium, I discovered that in april 2009 there was a Black European Summit held in Brussels. I missed this event completely and had never heard about it.

Still when doing a search in google I couldn’t find much about it. The Summit's declaration and an article on (just two references). That article gave me more insight in the meaning and purpose of that summit.

More than 30 Afro-European and ethnic minority parliamentarians, experts and policy-makers came together with Black American policy makers to share ideas on fiscal and racial matters that continue to divide societies on both sides of the Atlantic.
The article on states that recent statistics show that in Britain and Europe the unemployment rates of African Caribbeans are nearly double that of white people. British reports say the rates are three times that for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, and civil rights groups say they are off the charts for Romas on the continent.

Editor of The-Latest Marc Wadsworth said: "For me the most important thing about the event will be the opportunity for black and minority ethnic politicians and activists from America and Europe to meet, share ideas and make concrete plans for how we are going to tackle the major challenges facing our people."
The Black European Summit's initiative reflects according to The Latest a common transcontinental fear, among public intellectuals, writers, artists, scholars, educators and students, media journalists, policy-makers in human and civil rights, and leaders of heritage and workers' organisations.


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