Photo exposition of David Damoison in Paris, till July 31th

Paris-born Martiniquean photographer David Damoison has a photo exhibition till July 31th 2010 in the gallery Anne de Villepois in Paris.

This exhibition is the third and final exhibit of the 3X3 series which offeres the public a chance to discover three Caribbean artists.

Now what is so interesting about this exhibition? The intriguing photos of Hatian people and their the voodoo rituals .The scenes of rough night live in Brazzaville Congo. And the photos of somewhat lost French Carribean folks in urban Paris. You can see all of his photographs on his website

If you want to explore this you may want to try the following steps.

One: Website of David Damoison

Two: Interview with David Damoison

Three: Photos of the opening

Four: The Gallery in Paris

Five: Black French artists magazine : Revue Noir

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