Commemoration of German race-hate victim Alberto Adriano, 11-12 June 2010 in Dessau

Ten years ago Afro-German Alberto Adriano was brutally killed by three Nazi youths in a park in the Eastern German city of Dessau. To commemorate Adriano, a commemorative event, a memorial concert and a conference will be held on 11 and 12 June in Dessau.

In the evening of June 11the 2000 Alberto Adriano was brutally murdered by three drunken neo-Nazis. They told the police they did it because they hated foreigners.

Alberto Adriano - who had lived and worked in Germany for more than 20 years - had been celebrating a forthcoming trip to Mozambique. Read the full story: Race hate in Germany (BBC)

For more information about the commemoration see: Kommentar: Alberto Adriano – Gedenken anlässlich des 10. Todestages

And photos of the funeral of Adriano, and of East Germany in 2000 here.

In 2001 the German Anti-Racism organisation "Brothers Keepers" made the single "Adriano – Letzte Warnung“, ("Adriano - Final Warning").

A state court sentenced one man to life in prison and two 16-year-old skinhead accomplices to nine years each for the murder of a 39-year-old immigrant from Mozambique.

Black race-hate victims in Europe:

Kerwin Duinmijer (20 August 1983) - Netherlands
Stephen Lawrence (22 April 1993) - UK
Alberto Adriano (11 June 2000) – Germany

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