AfroGerman week: Singer Adé Bantu founder of My Brothers Keepers

Adegoke Odukoya, better known as Adé Bantu (born July 13, 1971 in Wembley, London) is a Nigerian-German musician, producer and activist. He is best known as the founder of the Afro-German musical collective and NGO Brothers Keepers and as the front man of Bantu & Afrobeat Academy Band. He received the Kora Award (the Pan-African equivalent of the Grammy) for his album "Fuji Satisfaction" in 2005.

Adé Bantu was born in Wembley, London. He is biracial, being the son of a German mother and a Nigerian father. In 1973 he relocated to Lagos, Nigeria with his parents Adeleke Odukoya and Barbara Odukoya. After the death of his father in 1986 he moved with his mother and 3 siblings to Germany. (source wikipedia)

Bantu - Ilé

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