AfroGerman week: filmmaker Mo Asumang in search of "Roots Germania"

Mo Asumang (Ghanaian/German) is a well known German filmmaker, actress and moderator. She received wide acclaim with the film "Roots Germania" (2007).

About the film she writes on her website: " Mo was able to solve a trauma caused by racism; She undertakes a journey to discover her roots and her identity, facing her African father in Ghana, her White German Mother in German, and Jürgen Rieger, the head of the neonaziparty NPD. The catalyst of this journey, a threat over her life received by the NeoNazi Band "White Aryan Rebels", becomes a poignant tool for self discovery and a sharp reflection to matters of racism in Germans society of today. "

But critics say the film is not so much about racism, but more about Mo's personal journey.

In the video she meets Jürgen Rieger, the head of the Neo-Nazi party NPD. She interviews him about his plan to "breed" Germans.

A short English translation

I have got an appointment with him, but I didn't say I was black.

(1:12) MA: [outside in the garden] You made a attempt to “breed” Germans?

Jürgen Rieger (JR): No, I didn’t made a attempt

(1:25) MO: But you were looking for a family who would be willing to go Sweden and would over there breed Germanic people. That what you said.

JR: No.

(1:45) JR: The Nordic race is relatively objective and other races are most of the time not objective. I also see that in you.

I was searching for a German couple who wanted to live in a settlement in Sweden, without world influences. Free of drugs

I didn't say I was searching for a family for racial breeding. That a big difference.

(2:21) MO: Can I apply?

JR: No.

MA: Why not?

JR: You are not from Germanic descent.

MA: Why not?

JR: Look in the mirror.

(2: 27) MA: You could ostracize your daughter from the family because she married someone with different skin colour.

JR:I would totally break with my daughter. She couldn’t enter the house anymore. It is clear, I am totally against it It would be the same as cutting of the roots. It would be the worst thing.

(3: 03) JR: In my opinion I don't think Germans, in about 200 years , should look like you. They should look like the other four [pointing at the camera team].

MR: Are you racially pure?

JR: He is more racially pure. The camera man

I wonder why you surround yourself with Nordic persons. There is more Nordic substance
here then you usually see in the German population.

It’s really remarkable. The moderator is half afro, African ..


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