Who is really French ?


An interesting video about the debate about the French national identity. French president Sarkozy started the debate about the French identity because of his diminishing popularity. Yesterday after the local elections it became clear his party had lost the elections. The entire French Caribbean voted against him, only French Guyana and Reunion supported him.


  1. what is Sarkozy talking about? He is himself a product of France's diversity. His maternal grandfather was a greek jew and his father is a Hungarian. I would say that this makes him so typical French. Like other French icons: Gainsbourg (Russian jew), Aznavour (Armenian), Claude Francois (grew up in Egypt, father French, mother Italian), Isabelle Adjani (father Algerian, mother German), Yannick Noah (father Cameroonian, mother French), ... and the list is endless. In the last 50 years a new ingredient was added to the French sauce: islam. And suddenly they need a debate about the national identity, forgetting that it is France in the first place that conquered Arab and muslim peoples during the first half of the 20th century ... deal with the consequences

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