Video: Seu Jorge - “Tive Razao” + "É isso aí"

Seu Jorge is a Brazilian singer/songwriter and actor. Virtually unknown in Europe, but a legend in Brazil.

One of his best performances are on the DVD Seu Jorge ao vivo (2005), were he performed with Ana Carolina, who is also a famous Brazilian singer.

Ziegler production wrote about him:
His name is Seu Jorge - or Mister Jorge - the Brazilian singer, songwriter and actor who grew up in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro. He is passionate and charismatic, quirky and romantic, deep and philosophical. And despite all the stardom and privileges he has now, he has managed to maintain his humble demeanor and a very, very charming personality. There is no wonder why Vogue Brazil once dubbed him “the coolest man on the planet.”

“Tive Razao” (I was right). He wrote this song after he separated from his first wife.

"É isso aí" - Ana Carolina e Seu Jorge (From the album Ana & Jorge: Ao Vivo)


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