"Un Geste pour Haite" - A Gesture for Haiti

Remember the earthquake in Haiti? It seems like old news. On January 22 French celebrities recorded the clip "Un Geste pour Haite" (A Gesture for Haiti).The clip was made to support the people of Haiti. All profits of the entire project are donated to the Red Cross to support its actions in Haiti

Un geste pour Haïti

French celebraties in the clip:
Anthony Kavanagh (former comedian, and television host)
Lynnsha (singer)
Lilian Thuram (former football player, and activist)
Harry Roselmack (news anchor)
Noémie Lenoir (model and actress)
Zazie (singer)
Gregory (singer)
Micheal Drucker (Journalist)
Daan junior (singer)
Thierry Cham (singer)
Alibi Montana (rapper)
Erik (singer)
Sonja Rolland (actress and former Miss France)
Sarah Riani (singer)
Pit Baccardi (rapper)
Ophélie Winter (singer)
Cesária Évora (Folk singer)
Perle Lama (Zouk singer)
Mr Toma (singer)
Stomy Bugsy (rapper)
Charles Aznavour (singer)
Jacki (singer)
Passi (singer)


  1. Et où est Kery James? Bizarre de ne pas le voir dans cette initiative...
    Where's kery james? It's strange he's not part of this initiative ...

  2. here is Kery James's initiative

    Sorry for that, but he's just one the utter best MC's in France and he's from haitian origin, so that's how I was so surprised about his absence.

  3. I hope people never forget about the earthquake in Haiti, black people around the world are forever in debt to the people of Haiti, it was because of the Haiti revolution slavery was abolished all over the world, beacuse of Toussaint l'Ouverture that revolution sent shockwaves to every colony in the new world and even know the people won't be brainwashed by white supermacy. I love you Haiti.

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