ISD-Bundestreffen 2010 - Annual German Black community weekend

Photo and copyright Tina Bach: Group photo ISD-Bundestreffen 2008
The Black German organisation ‘Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland’ (ISD) or Initiative of Black People in Germany will organise its annual Federal meeting, the “Bundestreffen”, on August 12-15 2010 in Helmarshausen.

In November 1985 for the first time Black women and men in Germany called for a nationwide meeting in Wiesbaden, to step out of the at that time experienced isolation in a white society. Many followed this call. It was the start of a nationwide (at the time the time being the old West Germany) movement of black people in Germany. A novelty in a Germany after the Nazi period.

An interview with an African-American exchange student at the ISD-Bundestreffen 2008

But much has changed since those early days. From a manageable number of contacts it grew to a broad and divers network. Black people work on topics with each other to create discussion forums, create knowledge, make their private and public space. There are workshops, lectures, discussions, exchanges, information stands, children's program, and there is lots of room to self initiative.

In the evening there's pure culture, e.g. Films, performance / reading, DJ and live music. And of course you can dance on regga, soul, Soukouss, hip hop, and everything else is that is fun to dance on.

Themes at the federal meetings are black history, black people in education and employment, blacks networks, Black Identities in Germany, empowerment of children and young people, assertiveness in everyday life, and much more ... (Source: website ISD.)

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