The Flanders (Belgium) have their first black TV-star: Uwamungu Cornelis

The Dutch speaking community of Belgium (60% of the total population) has a TV show with a black main character. This is a first timer! Uwamungu Cornelis is a Flemish actor of Rwandan descent. He has been doing the one man show ‘Mungu’ with which he was very successful throughout Dutch speaking Belgium. In this show he tackled the issues of being black and Flemish in a society that virtually ignores the existence of Flemish citizens of African descent.

He played a secondary role in the Flemish soap Kaat & Co and now is the lead actor in the new comedy soap Super8. This show started to be broadcasted a few months ago. I didn’t see this show yet, although I heard that the new digital TV station TV8, which produced it and broadcasts it, is of a good quality.

Watch the trailer:

Besides Uwamungu Cornelis there are some other famous black TV personalities in Flanders (Dutch speaking Belgium) such as Ronny Mosuse (musician) , Maya Albert (actor), Elodie Ouedraogo (athlete), Sandrine Van Handenhoven (singer), Karoline Kamosi also known as Leki (TV personality and singer).

Below you can watch the first episode's first 5 minutes:


  1. Nice! Wish we'd get to see programs like this here in the states. There might be money to be made in a web portal where every "black-themed" TV show, from almost anywhere in the world, could be accessed, and easily translated too.

  2. It's a great idea. I think it would be stimulus for black videomakers and filmmakers in Europe.

    But how do you easily translate a German, French or Dutch video in English?

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