Experience: Visiting the exhibit of the slave trade in Nantes (France)

Photo: Château des ducs de Bretagne in Nantes
During the 18th century, prior to abolition of slavery, Nantes was the slave trade capital of France. This kind of trade caused Nantes to become the first port in France and a wealthy city.

Till 3th Januari 2010 there is an exhibit 'Traite négrière et esclavage: la traversée' (Slave Trade and Slavery: crossing) in the Château des ducs de Bretagne in Nantes.

Blogger Mademoiselle Nadia visited the exhibit. On her blog Bounjour France she wrote: "Seeing actual shackles and chains that slaves wore in person has the capability to hit you pretty hard. In cases for our viewing, there were shackles and chains that these that marked the end of the freedom of the African slaves who were brought over to the new world via la traversée." The very shackles that they wore...It was powerful." read her full story here.

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  1. You think you know about the slave trade and what our people went through and a post like yours opens your eyes and mouth in shock. Knowledge is important thanks for your informative post. I have linked to your post via mine. Will be following you blog.

  2. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for the compliment. I wrote a post about one of your videos

  3. @Afro-Europe you're amazing. Thank you :-)

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