Kréyol Day 2009 in London

Live performances, traditional craft and food stands and debates will mark the 8th edition of the Creole Day (“Kreyol Day”) on Sunday 27 September 2009

Saint Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Guyana, Haiti, Cuba, Cape Verde, Mauritius...

London, September 15th, 2009 – A unique event in the UK, the 8th Creole Day (“Kreyol Day”) will bring together in one place live performances by Creole artists, traditional craft and food stands, and a conference, all representing the diversity of the Creole culture around the world.

The event will be a special day of celebration and entertainment for the whole family, inviting visitors to discover and enjoy the Creole world. More than 1,000 visitors will be expected at this year’s Kreyol Day, which will take place at the Conway Hall, in Holborn, London.

Organised by the French Caribbean Association Menm Biten Menm Bagay (MBMB), the UK charity promoting cultural sharing and solidarity between Creole communities, the Kreyol Day will kick start in style the Black History Month (more here). With famous traditional Caribbean singer Dédé Saint Prix (view video here) as its patron, the Kreyol Day will bring together more than 10 Creole regions, taking visitors on a day-trip full of colours, sounds, flavours, and fragrances from several corners of the Creole world.

This year’s programme will bring together famous as well rising performers, traditional craft exhibitors and expert speakers.

- Creole performers:
. Singers, including a performance by the undisputed queen of Zouk Love Sonia Dersion (view video here); also performing: Subajah (Reggae, Dancehall), Frenglish connexion (Hip-Hop, Reggae. Dancehall), Sked Swad (Creole hip hop), JM (Dancehall)
. Traditional Creole music and dance groups such as ZilOKa (view video here);
. Salsa performance (London Salsa Scene);
. Poetry (Novitse).

About Creole Cultures
Creole cultures are a vibrant mix of African heritage with European influences. The Creole world is spread between 3 main regions: the Caribbean, North and South America, and the coast of Africa by the Indian Ocean region.
With an estimated 800,000 people from these regions living in the UK, the Creole communities contribute dynamically to the UK’s diversity.

Entrance Fee (Booking available on
- MBMB Members: £5
- Advanced booking: £7
- At the door: £9
- Students (at the door): £7
- Children under 10: free

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