Friday, September 18, 2009

Afro-Punk: Debut album NOISEAUX – “Out Now” released today

The Afro-Punk band NOISEAUX has released its debut album NOISEAUX – “Out Now” today. The band of German media personality and writer Noah Sow will according to the record label inject Germany with the growing Afro-Punk wave from the USA and England.

About NOISEAUX The Hamburger Abenddblatt wrote: "But that a black singer is reacting to propulsive guitars and crunchy beats, is not the only characteristic of the quintet. The background of the band moves between Korea, the Philippines, Germany, Mexico, France and Senegal.”

The songs are about freedom, politics and racism. In the song “Keine Kommentare“ , which means “No comment”, Sow sings about the prejudice in Germany, “You think you’re normal .. No comment about my hair.” The Hamburger paper called it the short version of Noah Sow’s book “Deutschland Schwarz Weiß” (Deutschland Black & white. Everyday Racism' )

The CD is released in a German and English

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