Stop aid to Africa! Why Bono hates Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo is a Zambian-born economist who says aid is killing Africa. She is to aid what Ayaan Hirsi Ali is to Islam.

In her new book, Dead Aid, she argues that official aid is easy money that fosters corruption and distorts economies, creating a culture of dependency and economic laziness.

Moyo is particularly dismissive of the ‘celebrity aid’ model popularised by international stars such as Bob Geldof and Bono and says many aid organisations and NGOs are more interested in perpetuating poverty in order to justify their own existence.

Controversially, she advocates turning off the aid taps within five years and claims this will result in more Africans being pulled out of poverty.

Moyo, who has a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University, and a Masters from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, has been a consultant to the World Bank and recently worked for Goldman Sachs in London. Currently she is a member of the Board of Lundin Petroleum.

For those of us who have roots in the Caribbean, Africa, or South America this is an interesting view to pass on after dinner. Since Dambisa a is great fan of China, she argues that the Chinese contracts are a good alternative for western aid. But what about Darfur! we all know that the Chinese are not really trying to end the conflict, they are actually a part of the problem. But inspite of China, she presents a new vision.

I must admit I never heard of Dambisa Moyo until I read the interesting post of Lola Adesioye.

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  1. Just bought her latest book actually, if only out of curiosity. Happened to catch a clip of her plugging it somewhere (I forget). Haven't read it yet though.

    Her position, right/wrong, is certainly a bold one.

    I think I'll move "Dead Aid" to the front of my "To Read" pile...

  2. Yes you are right, it's very bold. She's moving up the ladder, who knows what will happen next.

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