Negro for rent in the Netherlands

Renting a negro is not a problem anymore. In the Netherlands you can hire a negro for just 55 Euro an hour.

The Dutch company BlackPack is an agency exclusively for black men, white women are the main customers. The founder Bryan Oudhoff wants to respond to the stereotypes that exits of blacks: blacks are better dancers and have more sense of rhythm, writes the Dutch paper DePers.

The founder of the firm Bryan Oudhoff is of Afro-Surinamese origin. He daily faces the known stereotypes about black men. So he decided to respond and started Black Pack: a black agency, where only black men are allowed to register. Currently, BlackPack has a list of twelve employees, they are from Surinam, Ghana, the Moluccas and the Antilles. His main customers are white women who hire the men to strip, dj, dance or to play djembe, but also to assist in shopping, playing chauffeur or for exotic cooking. "But I do not run escort bureau, although the strippers are popular," says Oudhoff.

The company got a lot of criticism in the Netherlands, it would only exploit stereotypes about blacks. According to the Dutch Anti-discrimination agency the initiative causes "a strange feeling and colonial thoughts. How can color be relevant with cooking or driving a car?" The company would even violate the law, because it employs people purely on the basis of color, white men don’t have no chance. Oudhoff compares Black Pack with the ‘Miss Black’ contests for black women, he sees it as entertainment. "My staff is not at all stereotype. They are always on time,” he ends smiling. (Translated story.)

The issue of stereotyping seems to be a Dutch black problem at the moment. First there was the novel ‘Alleen maar nette mensen’ (Just fine people) where black woman are being stereotyped as easy and white men lovers. And now there is an agency which rents black men to white women. The novel was written by white author with a black girlfriend and the agency is run by a black man.

So what’s the problem with the black community in Holland. Compared with other European countries there are no books written anymore about racism, black identity or anything else that has to do with blackness.

The reason. The black Dutch community - from former Dutch colony of Surinam and Dutch Antilles - is widely regarded as the most integrated community, compared with other large ethnic (Muslin) communities.

The grim reality is that ‘we’ are not as integrated as we are made to believe. Recently black Dutch author Clark Accord made a statement in the media, about the total lack of black representation in de media and lack of attention for ‘black problems’. He feels black people issues are overrun by problems of Muslim communities.

But I am afraid Accord is too late. Because this is what you eventually get when you have stopped investing in community visibility and black awareness. You will end up to be a powerless black community where every form a racism is regarded as a misunderstanding, a joke or as gay and muslim problem. But what you do get is a world’s premier. A rent-a-negro agency. Black owned.


  1. Is this serious? does that company really exist???

  2. Yes Sanza, at least at the time I wrote the post.

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