Forthcoming: "Afropean - Documenting Black Europe"

 " Berlin. I visited the famous artist squat Tacheles which this month [September 2012]  lost it's long fought battle to stay open."  @Photo and text by Johny Pitts

Early next year Penguin Books will publish 'Afropean: Documenting Black Europe' by Afropean co-founder Johny Pitts.


One of the reasons Johny wrote the book (and set up Afropean with Nat Illumine and Yomi Bazuaye) was to create a network of like minded people across the continent. 

At the end of the book, Johny would like to create a list of Afro-European-related organisations to increase exposure of the work they are doing. 

Please list any community organisations, online networks or initiatives from your country for consideration on Afropean. 

And if you'd like updates about the book please remember to subscribe to the mailing list (at the bottom left of this page):



  1. Highly recommend books authored by Lee Cummins: The Negro Question. You will find black people were many places before what it is now, including Europe.

  2. The development of the Afro European Community is the long awaiting system of direction here in England the expansion of the establishment as the hub to the wider World The Global Village where everyone is just a plane ride away from everywhere; by means of elevating the home land support for the ethnic will start here in Europe as Afro European Identifying people creating institutions for both community of historical heritage and cohesion of the diversity within Europe will give support to the Africans children within and their cultural projects that care for their Arts,

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