The vibe of the Heesterveld Creative Community in Amsterdam Bijlmer

Less than five years ago the housing complex Heesterveld was a no-go area in the predominantly Black neighbourhood in Amsterdam Bijlmer. A lot of (youth) crime, pollution and nuisance had set the complex up for demolition, but a creative urban development plan changed the neighbourhood completely.

Today, the buildings are colorfully painted and are now the homes and workplaces of creative entrepreneurs, artists, students and original Bijlmer residents. 

The complex is now the home of the Heesterveld Creative Community (HCC). There is space for catering, a community shop and a collective space where there is room for debates, performances and exhibitions. So if you are in Amsterdam check the place out.

Here the scene at the Block Hiphop festival in 2012 in the courtyard of Heesterveld.

Also interesting to visit if you are the Bijlmer is the Bijlmerpark Theatre
and the image collection building Imagine IC (Imagine Identity and Culture)
and the cultural platform : PAND14
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