Video: "Yes I am" - Afro-German musicians fighting racism


A movie about black German musicians: they live in two different worlds. After a black man is beaten to death by a right-wing extremist teenager, they come together and found the musical group "Brothers Keepers". The musician fights with her voice..

Synopsis: At the centre of this film are musicians Ade Bantu, D-Flame and Mamadee. When Ade was 15 years old his father was murdered in Nigeria. Following that he moved to Cologne with his German mother and siblings. When D-Flame's problems with his mother escalated he was sent into a home and turned criminal. When Mamadee was ten years old, the German Democratic Republic collapsed dashing her dreams of wearing the red neckerchief worn by the Thälmann Pioneers.

All three have a black father and a white mother, but they all had to grow up without their fathers. They are all German and yet, because of their skin colour, are seen as being different. They met for the first time after the Mozambican Alberto Adriano was pummelled to death by three youths in a park in Dessau. Together with other black German musicians like Xavier Naidoo they founded the project "Brothers Keepers” (swiftly augmented by "Sisters Keepers") with the aim of performing together in schools in East Germany and elsewhere to mobilise people to act against racism in everyday life.

It's a must-see documentary of 2007 and you see can the entire film at

Check the official website at

The anti-racism video of Brothers Keepers - Adriano (2001)

The clip "Liebe Und Verstand" is an anti-racism video (2001) of the Afro-German group Sisters Keepers, the female version of the German anti-racism movement Brothers Keepers.

Since the film is of 2007, a few recent videos of the featured artists.

Bantu feat. Nneka "I'm Waiting"


Mamadee LIVE one BYLINX TV Jah Linx one-love


  1. I adore this site. It gives me the shows the expansion of Black people that I've always had in my perception. We are everywhere and have ALWAYS been everywhere.
    I appreciate and encourage the highlights of Racism in these realms. But I'd also appreciate some Love. How we are Loving ourselves, each other, and how and why other people are showing their Love.

  2. I just finished watching this film and I can say that I was very moved by it! It's 105 minutes long so if blog readers can make the time it's more than worth it! THANKS, Afro-Europe, for sharing this with us!

    According to Wikipedia as of 2005 Afro-Germans numbered 500,000 people in a country of 80 million. Just think of the determination, the willpower, the LOVE that caused the Afro-Germans to come together for the common cause of helping, healing and encouraging their brothers and sisters, and the result was this documentary. Think of this.

    And that's the same fire, tenacity and LOVE that caused Erik/Afro-Europe, to start this blog dedicated to Afro-Germans, Afro-Brits, Afro-Dutch, and so many other African-descended people who have no voice or representation on the Internet, and in some cases even in the physical realities of their countries.

    I heartily believe in Afro-Europe's original dream that he had---and has held onto these four years---of what we, a global Afro-descendant community, can do when we connect, positively, via the world wide web. I have seen and experienced no less than "magic" in the time I've been here; I think I found this group in 2011, and each day I am even more amazed and inspired by the new topics posted, as well as the informative responses.

    All this to say: Afro-Europe, you can't go anywhere! To put it in other words, you've created a cyber family, cyber fan club, and cyber friends (I belong to all three categories!) :-) that are depending on you to keep this Mission going throughout 2013 and beyond. MUCH BEYOND! You are needed. You are appreciated. I don't know how else to convey this to you, family member, Erik. Many, many, many people are depending on you to continue. Think of this......

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  4. Love the post, so good to hear about black people in Germany. I will defintely check out the film.

  5. I have many black friends (Americans) in Germany and they have all said they had a good time. I think they, the German people, have a collective guilt when it comes to racism and discrimination and this seems to have prevented them from open displays of discrimination that you see in some European countries.

    The German women can't stay away from the soldiers. So much so that they warn American soldiers stationed in Germany to not mingle with the locals.

  6. this movie is definitely an eye opener... but there is also positive things happening for afro germans in germany check it out at

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