NEW: TRANSITION 110 - Black poetry and more

Fais Do-Do -Spring 2013: We are thrilled to feature a suite of Black poetry in this issue of Transition, along with photographers, artists, architects, and writers who catalogue the textures and colors of Africa and the African American experience.

History imprints itself upon the poetry and art featured in Transition 110 and also the prose: Diane McWhorter returns to Birmingham, Alabama and finds that the virulent politics of discrimination continues to flare in the streets of Birmingham-not only in the black community but also among immigrants. Ed Pavlić looks at race and gentrification in San Francisco through two films; and David Adjaye talks about art and architecture, saying "the generative roots of architecture indicate that it is the support, the frame, for bodily rituals. And ritual is how architecture is birthed."

History meets the contemporary in these pages, and the present continues to be seduced by the past: in this issue we witness the contemporary's tempestuous love affair with history; what is born is at times beautiful and at times awful.

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And check out the translation of an excerpt of the French novel "Contours du jour qui vient" (2006) of Cameroonian-French author Léonora Miano here.

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