Black Heritage Amsterdam Tours

The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour informs, inspires and educates, whether you are a descendant of former enslaved, an educator, or a visitor who is interested in learning more about the contributions of the African Diaspora to Dutch society from the 16th century to the present. 

The tours are presented by your personal guide from an ‘Afrikacentric’ perspective and experienced on board a beautiful vintage saloon boat which travels along Amsterdam’s 'canal belt' (Dutch: Grachtengordel) revealing the hidden histories of the city, and the African presence seen from historical buildings, canal house museums, city landmarks, and fine art. 2013 is a year of commemorations and celebrations, from the 150th year since the ‘legal’ abolition of the Dutch slave trade to the 400th year since the Amsterdam canals were constructed.

The tours will start in February and will operate only on weekends during the winter months and will increase in frequency as the weather improves. The tours are about the African Diaspora, but for everyone interested in this history.

Fouder of the tour is Surinamese-American Jennifer Tosch. Check the website at


Updated Dec 22th, 2022


  1. I will definitely come and pay a visit

  2. Thank you very much for this info! I enjoy surfing on your blog very much and will recommend it to teachers as well.

  3. Great idea!
    I too will book a tour

  4. Thank you Afro-Europe, and everyone for your interest. Please join the Facebook page for great stories about the tours and the African Diaspora!

  5. I will like to pay this a visit, hopefully this opens the door for other tours around the world. It's so true what the woman doing the tour said to the white woman doing the tour around the big mansion, how countries in Europe try to gloss over slavery. If it wasn't for slavery Europe would still be in the dark ages.

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