Video: Conversations on the presence of blackface in Swedish children's fiction

Photo: Ylva Habel, Shantrelle P. Lewis and  Barakat B. Ghebrehawariat
Conversations on the presence of blackface in Swedish children's fiction: "Little Pink & The Motley Crew"

During the fall of 2012 Sweden has been engaged in an intense debate about racism in children’s film, literature and comics.

In November, in connection to “The 15 Project”,   Ylva Habel, one of the participants in this debate, asked Shantrelle P. Lewis, Art Curator and Barakat B. Ghebrehawariat, Project leader to have a short dialogue with her regarding the recent debates around representations of blackface in Swedish popular culture (for instance "Little Pink and the Motley Crew" and Tintin). She also talked to Dubelyoo Wright, Illustrator, Designer and Painter Fahamu Pecou.

Shantrelle P. Lewis
Independent Curator & Educator
Director of Exhibitions & Public Programming
Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute

Barakat B. Ghebrehawariat
Educational Manager
Academedia Eductus AB
Project leader
Revolution Poetry

Ylva Habel
Assistant Professor
Media and Communication Studies
Södertörn University

Protest from Sweden: "You do not have the universal right to represent me"


  1. PREACH! Excellent stuff...all three of them are outstanding in their own right and in my opinion, embody the the intra-cultural, intra-national unified stance that people of African descent must have if racism and discrimination, in all its many faces and forms, is to be cornered, gagged and put down. Ms. Lewis joins a long list of black American scholars and thinkers who beat the International pavement and not only offer their invaluable African-American perspective to the movement but understand the importance of co-dialogue and bridge building between ALL members of the African Diaspora. And Ms. Habel and Mr. Ghebrehawariat are on the front lines of Afro-Swedish resistance, ever building awareness while simultaneously de-silencing the black voice and perspective. They should all be applauded and toasted for their efforts. Skål!

  2. Hi everyone, I am just posting a reportage made in brighton Uk about the first Black History Month evbent held in that city.

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