Video: CUT UP Collective. Afro Style in Urban Fashion in Brussels

CUT UP Collective is an awesome project from three Brussels-based creative minds: make-up artist Nadjma Ramahatali and fashion designers Sylvie Iweanya and Noémie Nuo.

Noémie owns the Wake Up! fashion shop in Brussels and the Nuo brand. Together they work on several projects. They are responsible for the ‘Trust the Colors’ parties in Brussels and take care of make-up and styling for different creative talents in Belgium.

Their style is defined by colorful patterns and ‘Afro styles’, which is recently a striking trend, not only in Brussels but all over urban Europe.

Cut Up was recently featured in the Belgian issue of Elle magazine. Magali Elali interviewed them for the Belgian style-website In order to discover these interesting artist world wide, I feature a translation from their latest interview with Magali Elali. Read the full story on Afro-Europe.

The video was made by KICKIN' IT WITH THE KINKS, a UK based media organisation with a mission. Check out their site for more interesting videos at:

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  1. It is really great, there are several projects here in Brazil, trying to create black identity and resistance through clothes. It is also an initiative to help the creation of the black concept here, and has been a success among our people. One of my favorites is the Xongani ( it is a family who buy some fabrics in Mozambique and creates amazing clothes, shoes and turbants with them. I highly recommend.

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