The British Blacklist - Database profiling black British entertainers

UK’s definitive database of arts and entertainment industry professionals from the black communities, The British Blacklist.

Described as ‘the IMDB for the UK’s British African and Caribbean market’, The British Blacklist serves as an online portal chronicling the careers of professionals from film, television, theatre, literature and music with additional sections to announced in future.

Founder, Akua Gyamfi, has over 15 years of experience in entertainment with a career that spans fashion, film & television, print and online media. She created The British Blacklist to connect professionals and to provide an invaluable resource that she’d found to be missing. ‘Whenever I wanted to research a person’s achievements, get an informative biography or even a decent photo image I often found it quite difficult to find competent information. So I decided to do something about it.’ (Source Afrobase)


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