German court bans police racial profiling

A court in Germany has told the police they may not carry out identity checks on people on the basis of their skin color. There's disagreement among the police as to whether they welcome the ruling.

Back in December 2010, a 25-year-old black German architecture student was sitting in a train from Kassel to Frankfurt when two policemen asked to see his ID. He felt that their request was discriminatory and refused. He told them that he felt their behavior was reminiscent of "Nazi methods." The police charged him with insulting behavior.

One of the policemen has admitted that it was because the man was black that he wanted to check his papers - he said it was quite usual. When he heard that, the student brought charges of discrimination against the police. Read entire story at

Video: Flashmob in Dortmund (Germany) 05.05.2012 




Updated Dec 22th, 2022


  1. Please! Do-not-wake-me-up! All these "other-worldly" type events of the last few days concerning the African Diaspora: The fantastic Mobo Awards (Music of Black Origin) in London last Saturday night that showcased the breadth and scope of our cross-continental talents; the MOTHER OF ALL DELIGHTFUL DREAMS---President Barack Hussein Obama, being reelected to four more years in the White House; and now this: Because of the courageous, confident, fearless, and determined efforts of a few Afro-Germans, the highly-embarrassing "stop and search" actions of the police will be halted in urban Germany.

    According to the article, a 25 year old Black German architecture student VALIANTLY stood up to the police and told them their asking to see his papers solely on the basis of skin color was "Nazi" in and of itself. (December 2010). He then filed discrimination charges! Now that's courage and audacity. Probably, because of his refusal to take this disrespect, he started the fire for the "Stop Racial Profiling" movement that's led to the German police's decision. You GO, Afro-Germans!

    What a week! All these happenings are the stuff that happy dreams are made of----but this is REAL!

    Again, don't-wake-me! Let these wonderful "dreams" continue! :-)

    1. I don't know if people understand just how big a deal this is. I absolutely can't wait to test out this ruling in real time! **evil grin**

      I can't count how many times I've been racially profiled on a German train. The Danish are even more aggressive. And each time I have given them HELL. OF COURSE, one can't be black and sitting in first class. He MUST be a drug dealer and/or a confused amnesiatic fool. I always make a spectacle. I'll look to lilly white Gretchen sitting next to me ask them if they plan on checking her ID next. After all, she could be a Communist. I don't mind embarrassing the white "establishment" and their minions in order to prove a point. Me, I'm never embarrassed. : )

    2. I, for one, most certainly DO understand just how big a deal this is, and that's why I responded to this post so enthusiastically.

      Unless one is a Black male, a targeted so-called "suspicious" racial or ethnic individual, (this includes members of the enormous Turkish community in Germany,) or even a "gender non-conforming" person of color, the euphoria over this is not understood.

      Having been through the experience of being asked by the police to show identification---solely for walking in an all white area: MY OWN BACKYARD when I lived in the Midwest,---I know and appreciate the magnitude of this new law in Germany! It's colossal in its potential for good on behalf of human rights for minorities of non-white skin in that country!

      As for my mentor/friend, "rabble rouser" and "Major Excedrin Headache # 1" for European racists, xenophobes and reactionaries: I believe that you give the train ushers (or whatever they're called,) HELL! Look, I peeked @ your pic and "frightening comment" over @ and was so scared I quickly closed down the page. Oof! Ha, ha, ha!

      Nordic, German, Eastern European and even Iberian Europeans: Take a hint. This BlkViking guy is NOT PLAYING! He means business when it comes to defending his ethnic and racial dignity!

      Oh, and if you shoot me (uh, maybe that's the wrong word), if you SEND me (ok that's better) an email please don't have any type of 007 secret agent-type of attachments that would blind me. Remember, I'm on YOUR side. I'm a "good guy". LOL!

  2. Please join this FB discussion of this grass-root organisation trying to make Dutch people understand the Black Pete (Zwarte Piet) is really outdated and offensive.

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