Exhibition: Homestory Deutschland brings black Germans' stories to light


Via: Black German Heritage & Research Association
An exhibit gives voice to the histories of Africans, African-Americans and Afro-Germans from the past 300 years of German history. It presents a differentiated perspective on the lives and histories of blacks in Germany.

Asked what comes to mind when they think about Germany, many foreigners conjure up stereotypical images of Oktoberfest, the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall.

But these images of Teutonic culture and society do little to reflect the diversity of the contemporary, multiethnic Federal Republic of Germany where one fifth of the population has an ethnic minority background, according to an exhibition that opened Saturday (3.11.2012) at Cologne's Alte Feuerwache.
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Homestory Deutschland runs through November 25, 2012 at the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne. Thereafter, the exhibition will continue to Nuremberg (January-February 2013) and to Hamburg (March 2013).

Part 1


Part 3
Homestory-Deutschland - Schwarze in den Medien (Blacks in the media)

One of the videos which are shown at the exhibition is the video of the preparation for the theatre play 'Real Life: Deutschland', a play in which young boys and girls give their views on everyday situations which you could experience as member of a minority in Germany. For a short translation go to the posting Black German youth theatre - Real life Deutschland

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