Les Afro'péros in Brussels. A Succesful Initiative by and for the Afro Diaspora

Les Afro'péros is a Non-Profit Organization based in Paris and Brussels. They've been succesfully active since last year in Brussels and gather people from the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora to share their experiences.

Mostly it is a chance to enhance your network and to share your professional activity with other people who share the same interests, experiences and background.

Each last Thursday of the month there is an informal gathering in Brussels at 7PM. Three entrepeneurs from the diaspora get the chance to present their project and there is some music, culture, art, dance and/or fashion. There is lot of space for chatting with some finger food and drinks.

The video below gives you an idea of the atmosphere:

Les Afro'péros is a predominantly francophone event, but is open to any new comers. The events are low-scale and not politically inspired but socially involved.

Yesterday evening was the One Year Anniversary Edition in Brussels.
Please check their webpage and facebook page for more info and to stay up to date: www.afroperos.com


  1. IT'S NOT FAIR! I FEEL WAVES OF ENVY COMING OVER ME JUST ABOUT NOW! (Throwing a temper tantrum; stamping my feet and crying!) :-) It seems that ALL of the African-Diasporic communities in Europe from the British Isles, to Italy, Sweden, Belgium, and even Germany are coming together like it's their last chance to get a seat in Noah's Ark before the Big Flood, except Spain. Oh, Spain! (Big sigh.....) But I'm thrilled about this fantastic monthly meeting in Brussels. It's really inspiring.

    But all is not lost in Spain, however. Nigerian-British expatriate, Judi Oshowole, has founded a similar organization in Barcelona called "BIBS" (Black International Barcelona Sisters), that meets every month, informally, for all Black females in the area to get together and have a great time. Girls just wanna have fun, right?

    The group is composed of Black women from the Netherlands, the United States, France, Venezuela, Panama, the United Kingdom, and several African countries. At last count there were almost 90 solid members. They are there to love, bond and support each other in their new home in Spain. LOVE IT!

    For a video of Judi speaking of her group, and of the Black community in Barcelona in general, check out:

  2. Thx for this info John. I had never heard of Bibs before. This is worth a post on itself. Coming soon.

  3. Hi guys, check out http://www.afroeurope.blogspot.nl/2010/10/video-black-people-in-spain-judi.html

  4. Thanks a lot, Afro-Europe and Sibo Kano, for redirecting us to the Judi Oshowole video! I'd love to sit in on one of their afternoon get-togethers and I'm a guy. LOL!

  5. unfortunately, bibs does not exist anymore but afropero in france and belgium, yes!

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