Pauline Black: The Selector ‘Live in Britain tour 2012 and book ‘Black by Design’

The Ska band The Selecter (from the 70s) with lead singer Pauline Black have released their new Album 'Made in Britain' and will be touring Britain in October. Pauline Black has published a book last year entitled ‘Black by Design’, a book about being mixed-race, being adopted by a white couple, and tracing her biological roots.

The band The Selecter were a British platinum-selling ska revival band, formed in the late 1970s as one of the essential bands of the British ska movement. Seleters’s debut album 'Too Much Pressure' successfully reflected the social and political issues of the early Thatcher years in Britain and gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide. So they are still relevant today. But there is more.

Pauline Black was born as Belinda Magnus in 1953 of Anglo-Jewish/Nigerian parents. Adopted by a white, working class family in the fifties, Pauline was always made to feel different, both by the local community and members of her extended family, who saw her at best as a curiosity, at worst as an embarrassing inconvenience. In an interview she said, “ I was adopted by a white family and was brought up as a white girl. So I had to design myself  Black, so that's why my book is titled Black by Design."

Since we are moving to Britain's Black History Month, some history about the 2-Tone movement


  1. Love her. Grew up with her music. She's my hero. She nailed it!

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